Seabridge Wealth is a private wealth management firm, opening its doors in July 2007. Providing advice to our clients through this period has founded a strong belief in client advocacy. Helping our clients identify their goals up front and building a process to achieve these goals over time is the basis of all our client relationships. Your financial journey differs to those of other people because it depends on your aspirations and circumstances.

Our strong client advocacy approach allows us to “walk in your shoes” providing a clear understanding of “your needs” and, just as important, “your propensity for risk”.

Our rigorous process ensures there is a clear communication around the risks involved in achieving your goals through the financial advice process.

This enable clients to make informed decisions about strategies to pursue their long term goals regardless of market conditions. Understanding risk helps to take the surprises out of financial advice for our clients and builds confidence in achieving goals.

Managing wealth requires a lot more than a “set and forget” mentality. We’ve devised a simple but effective model to put into place the strategies that will build your wealth, and to refine and alter them in tandem with your evolving needs. This life cycle approach depends on a never-ending circle of reviewing and reporting – a constant “to and fro” between you and us.




BA B(Leg S), M Comm, CTP, CFP, Tax Agent

John is a deeply experienced wealth management professional with over 30 years of leading financial services experience, including wholesale and retail advice and Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) operations.

He was Head of the Financial Planning Division position of Centric Wealth group, a substantial advice and MDA financial planning business. At that time the group managed $3.7 billion in assets under advice (AUA) and billions of dollars of life insurance coverage and $1.3 billion in loans under advice and other debt instruments. The group had one of the highest Assets Under Advice per adviser, but with one of the lowest number of clients per adviser in the Australian financial planning industry. The business used two MDAs to support advisers and their clients and John managed the 70 adviser strong team.

Before this John was Chief Executive Officer of the Halliday Financial Group, a boutique advice and MDA funds management business, from 2005 to 2007.

Before this role, John was a tax partner of Ernst & Young chartered accountants, heading up its Australian business providing services to the wealth management industry and many leading corporate executives. John was integrally involved in the initial rollout of AFS Licences across Ernst & Young Australia in 2003 and 2004.

John is a Chartered Tax Professional, Tax Agent and a Certified Financial Planner.