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Seabridge Wealth helps clients identify their individual needs and set priorities. We take the time to understand your circumstances and build bespoke solutions for achieving your goals. With you, we can create your financial roadmap and partner you along the journey ahead.

We take the time to understand your circumstances and build bespoke solutions for achieving your goals.


Seabridge Wealth is a private wealth management firm.

Seabridge Wealth’s strong client advocacy approach allows us to “walk in your shoes” providing a clear understanding of “your needs” and, just as important, “your propensity for risk”.  Helping our clients identify their goals up front and building a process to achieve these goals over time is the basis of all our client relationships. Your financial journey differs to those of other people because it depends on your aspirations and circumstances.

Managing wealth requires a lot more than a “set and forget” mentality. We’ve devised a simple but effective model to put into place the strategies that will build your wealth, and to refine and alter them in tandem with your evolving needs. This life cycle approach depends on a never-ending circle of reviewing and reporting – a constant “to and fro” between you and us.

Wealth Management Services

Expert investment advice and management

Providing specialised guidance and oversight to clients regarding their investment portfolios, aiming to optimise returns and manage risks in accordance with individual financial goals and market conditions.

Wealth Planning

Advice on the strategic process of managing and preserving wealth across multiple generations within a family. This involves comprehensive strategies such as estate planning, tax optimisation, and the creation of trusts or structures to ensure the transfer of assets from one generation to the next.

Complex estate and
succession planning

Assisting you with the preparation of wills that outlines your wishes for the distribution of your assets and belongings after your passing. This includes specifying who will receive your property, money, and other possessions, as well as designating guardians for any minor children you may have.

Superannuation Advice Brisbane Valley Gold Coast

Your financial journey will be dictated by your needs not those of somebody else — the journey is personal and therefore tailored to you.


Providing expert guidance to individuals about optimising their retirement savings and investments within the superannuation system. This includes strategies for contributing to superannuation funds, selecting appropriate investment options, and structuring retirement income.

Philanthropic Advice,
Structuring and Management

Philanthropic advice, structuring, and management within the Australian financial services context involve providing specialized guidance and support to individuals, families, or organizations interested in making meaningful and strategic charitable contributions.

Personal and Business
Structuring Advice

We tailor recommendations to individuals and businesses on optimizing their financial arrangements and organisational setups. This encompasses strategies for tax efficiency, asset protection, estate planning, and legal structures, aiming to align client’s personal and business goals.

Family Financial Governance

What our clients say

“Thank you so much for a delightful and informative meeting yesterday. You opened my eyes to opportunities that may still be available to me and I learnt a few insights that I believe will be beneficial.”


Seabridge Wealth was founded out of a desire to align ourselves with our clients’ needs. We believe that this is best achieved by being an Independent Financial Advice firm.
This means no commissions and no hidden fees.

Your adviser needs to partner with you, not be a salesperson for a larger institution.
We believe that financial advice is best delivered by boutique firms that are not distracted by corporate conflicts such as maximising corporate profit or their shareholder’s wealth.

Given the issues that the financial planning industry has faced with royal commissions, conflicts of interest and general self-interest we believe that in order to move from an industry to a profession that advice providers need to hold themselves to a higher standard than the minimum standards within legislation. One way that we believe this can be met is through becoming an Independent Financial Advisor.

Independent Financial Advice Sydney


Seabridge Wealth and its advisers are practicing members of the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers. Seabridge Senior Client Advisor, John Hart is a Certified Financial Planner BA B(Leg S), M Comm, CTP, CFP, Tax Agent

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Profession of Independent Financial Advisors Seabridge
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With you, we can create your financial roadmap and partner with you along the journey ahead.

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